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“Famous Figures” is open to 5th grade students in Ellis County classrooms.  The project includes researching, developing, memorizing and then performing as a favorite character from history.  It promotes thinking and writing in a creative manner, the use of research skills, awareness and appreciation of the qualities of positive leadership, as well as nurturing acting and public speaking skills.  The Ellis County finals were held May 6 in the Beach/Schmidt Performing Arts Center.  Through Hays Rotary Club sponsorship, all classroom finalists received engraved medals and 1st through 5th place finishers also received trophies. For project details, see the links below.

famous figures 2015 photo gallery

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2017 participating schools,

students & their "famous figures"

Wilson Elementary School

Milton Bradley – Elijah McCullough
John Elway – Brendan Stultz
Victor Wooten – Nate Henderson
Malala Yousafzai – Samantha Albin

Roosevelt Elementary School

Grace Kelly  – Hannah Klein
Elizabeth Bacon Custer – Beth Bowles

​Neil Armstrong – Carter Jones

Nadia Comaneci – Hailey Klein
Martin Luther – Christian Burkholder
Evyn Cox – Ginger Rogers

O’Loughlin Elementary School 
Melania Trump  – Mahala Gregg

Nastia Liuken – Brenlynn Albers
Fred Astaire – Jacob Wente
Cesar Chavez – Leonardo Hernandez

Lincoln Elementary School    

​Hypacia of Alexandria - Jessica Feyerherm
Garret Morgan – Xavier Ellis
Hydna of Sicone – Addison Otte
William Harley – Justus Nelson

Holy Family Elementary School 
Elizabeth Blackwell – Madelyn Rozean
CoCo Chanel – Madighan Norris
Ruth Handler – Kate Pope

Anna Pavlova – Brooke Racke

Victoria Elementary School                 
Helen Keller – EmmaRae Rupp
Julia Child – Brennan Moeckel

Washington Grade School (Ellis)

Carroll Shelby – Austin Carroll
Jerome Case – Dalton North

St. Mary’s Grade School (Ellis)           
Laura Ingalls Wilder – Kaydawn Haag
Elizabeth Polly – Ava Reed

​​2017 Contest Judges were:

Linda Hohman, Bruce Bardwell,

Eric Sumearll, & Mary Ann Thompson

famous figures 2016 photo gallery

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famous figures